Stop by the Kargat Museum of Regional History. Learn the history of Kuibyshev in the Kuibyshev Museum of Local Lore. Visit the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God. See the Temple of the Resurrection. Make a stop at the Assumption Cathedral.. Walk along Omsk fortress. Take a tour in Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts. Go to St. Nicholas Monastery.. Touch Antiquities in Batakovo National Archaeological Natural Park. To hear how young people used to be brought up in the N.Y.Savchenko Museum of Local History.. To honor the memory of those who died in "Warrior Memory" Square.. . .

  You are a vast... Western Siberia!

"The Cranberry Seas," a taiga width. You are a vast... Western Siberia! Л. Nezamaeva It is impossible to make one trip all over Siberia as the territory is rich in natural beauties as well as historical and cultural sights. During our trip we will focus on interesting places in Western Siberia, which is different from Eastern Siberia by its milder climate and flat landscape.

You are a vast... Western Siberia!

3 days itinerary by Yana Levchuk - History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: On the way to Omsk

Omsk is a city of labor valor, a sports, cultural and scientific center of Western Siberia. On the way to the city you will visit museums, where you will learn about the history and peculiarities of the region, as well as see the rich decoration of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the Cathedral of the Assumption.
Visiting: Omsk, Kuybyshev, Kargat, Prokudskoye, Kalachinsk, Novosibirsk

Day 2: Central Western Siberia

Omsk is rich in interesting places not only in the city itself, but also outside of it. No wonder, because in ancient times this area was densely populated by residents, and nature has awarded the area with natural reserves!
Visiting: Omsk, Bol'sherech'ye, Bol'shekulach'ye

Day 3: Road home

On the way back you will visit places which are valuable objects of small villages and towns.
Visiting: Vladimirovskoye, Tatarsk, Omsk, Moskovka Tri, Kuybyshev, Novosibirsk