Roll down from the highest Voroninskaya Hill. Have a rest at the Kalachiki recreation center.. Husky ride. Enjoy your evening at the Star Pole ice rink.. Walk along the embankment of the river Tura. Take a master class in Yalutorovskoye Ostrog.. to remember the fairy tale "The Hunchbacked Horse" in the cultural center of P.P. Ershov.. To be photographed at the most beautiful building of merchant Athonin.. Admire the decoration of the temple of John the Baptist..

Winter fun

Get up, get up, Like a mammoth resurrected by an aloe of ice, For the sunset to the call of the swan, The Arctic Ocean is a bloated edge! M.Zenkevich Siberia is multi-faceted and vast! On its territory you can see incredible natural beauty, ancient sights and traces of life of ancient people. This time we will conquer Western Siberia, which is rich in historical sights and places for active recreation.

Winter fun

3 days itinerary by Yana Levchuk - Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: On the snowy road to Tyumen.

This day of our trip will consist of two directions: active rest and culture. First, you will go fishing in a winter pond, ride snowmobiles and ATVs and enjoy a Russian bath, and then on the way to Tyumen, which divides Russia into Asian and European parts, you will learn the history of the settlement of Ishim and a small town Yalutorovsk.
Visiting: Yalutorovsk, Cheremshanka, Krutinka, Kalachiki, Solnechnyy, Tyukalinsk, Omsk, Ishim, Gagarino

Day 2: Snowy day off

Today you will look like a child after riding a slide: wet through, completely in the snow, and immensely happy! Dress warmly, take your tea with you in a thermos and enjoy winter fun in the best ski resorts in Tyumen!
Visiting: Tyumen, Yalutorovsk, Dorozhnyy, Kuliga, Voynovka

Day 3: Siberian heritage

On the way home, we'll get to know new places and their history. Despite the fact that Siberia has been developing for many decades due to its remoteness from the center and harsh climate, its territory is rich in churches and temples, local history museums, houses-museums of famous personalities.
Visiting: Yalutorovsk, Tyumen, Cheremshanka, Tyukalinsk, Omsk, Sukhodol'skiy