Wild beaches, lakes and gorges of the Black Sea coast – Day 3: Healing muds of Salt Lake, the source of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Inal Bay

On the last day of the trip we will go to the Salt Lake in Taman, where we will take mud baths, visit the spring of the Blessed Virgin Mary and collect the holy water, and then go to Inal Bay, where the longest beach in Europe is located.
Wild beaches, lakes and gorges of the Black Sea coast

Trip duration: 3 days

Ann Mikhaylova

Hyundai Creta

Соленое озеро


In the early morning we will go to Taman to Salt Lake, which is famous for its healing mud. The lake is small in size: 1500 m long, 1000 m wide and only 10 cm deep. In summer time it is completely dry and covered with a thin layer of sea salt, under which is the same curative mud, thanks to which can be treated, joint pains, skin diseases and much more! The air here is also useful, as it contains a lot of hydrogen sulfide and salt. You can smear your whole body with mud without any hesitation, but the procedure should not take more than 20 minutes! You can always wash your body in the Black Sea, which is only a hundred meters from the lake. If the healing properties of clay have impressed you so much, you can gather some clay for your further use.

Источник Пресвятой Богородицы

Hot Springs

On the way back we will visit the Source of the Holy Virgin, where we can gather the holy water. According to the locals, water here has a calming effect and can cure many diseases.


Pizza Places

We will have lunch at Pizzeria Fiesta, where you can taste many dishes of Italian cuisine: aromatic pizza on thin dough, spaghetti on traditional Italian recipes, cold snacks and fresh salads. In good weather it is a special pleasure to dine outdoors. Service here is always top-notch, prices are attractive and you will always be a valuable guest.

Бухта Инал


Then we will go to Inal Bay, which attracts lovers of natural beauty here year after year. After all, these mountain scenery, clean air, and bottomless azure azure cause a real delight. By the way, the beach here is the longest in all Europe (5 km). Importantly, the bay is far away from the highway and industrial plants, so the sea and the beach here are always extremely clean. There are also frequent motor boats and catamarans, on which you can take a short boat trip.

Веранда GRILL


On the way home, we'll stop for dinner at Veranda Grill. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and delicious cuisine, this place has become a favorite destination for many locals. There are a lot of dishes on the menu, but the grilled vegetables, specialty kebabs and delicious kebab lulla deserve special attention!