Wild beaches, lakes and gorges of the Black Sea coast – Day 2: Gelendzhik, Abrau Durso and Anapa Nature

On the second day we will visit the wild beach of Tolstoy Cape, walk along the central berth of Gelendzhik, take a boat ride on the largest lake of the Caucasus and meet the sunset at the top of Bald Mountain.
Wild beaches, lakes and gorges of the Black Sea coast

Trip duration: 3 days

Ann Mikhaylova

Дикие Пляжи Толстого мыса


Next morning we'll go to the wild beach of Fat Cape. The water here is considered the cleanest in Gelendzhik Bay. If you haven't had breakfast at the hotel, you can have a picnic here on the beach. However, you should take care of it in advance, because you won't find any shops nearby. There are beautiful mountain views from the shore and if you are lucky you can spot a flock of dolphins, which are not uncommon guests here.

Центральный причал

Harbors / Marinas

Next, we'll take a walk along Central Pier, which is the longest in town. From here we will sail to the open sea on small pleasure boats and motor boats. Here you can stroll on the pier and take many bright pictures against the background of the sea, mountains and beautiful ships. And not far from the pier there is a sculpture "White Bride" (by the way, this is how "Gelendzhik" is translated from Turkish), which is the symbol of the city.

Кафе «Турист»


For lunch, we'll stop at Cafe Tourist. The menu includes dishes of European, Caucasian and Armenian cuisine. The interior of the cafe is quite pleasant, and the waiters are always ready to help with the choice of dishes. There are also tables on the open terrace where you can sit.




The next place we're going to go is Lake Abrau, the largest fresh water reservoir in the Caucasus! A distinctive feature of the lake is its emerald green color, from which you cannot take your eyes off. You can appreciate all the beauty of this place from the lake itself, riding a boat or catamaran. Fishing is also allowed here (both from the shore and from the boat). In the reservoir there are breams, crucians, minnows, sazanas, and on the shore you can catch a lot of crayfish. In addition, there is a separate swimming area and a well equipped beach for recreation.

Лысая Гора


And to meet the sunset we will go to the Bald Hill, which overlooks the endless sea and the outskirts of the city. If you look closely, in the rock you can see a lot of small holes in which swallows live, so this place was given a second name - "Swallow's Nest". Many local artists are inspired here, lovers arrange photo shoots, and locals like to come here for physical training. Anyway, this place will not leave you indifferent!



Later we will have a dinner at Café Prague, where Czech cuisine is served. Facility's interior, menu and atmosphere will immerse you in the old Czech Republic. Café's hall reminds of medieval tavern, all furniture is made of wood, and hunting trophies hang on the walls. The menu is quite diverse, but homemade sausages, meat in Czech and Pancho cake are definitely worth your attention!