Wild beaches on the way from Sochi to the Ashe River. Natural panoramas near Volkonsky dolmen. Eco-Trails of the Berendeev Kingdom. Waterfalls and fonts in Lazarevsky. Residents of Crab Canyon. Unique canyon climate Cool.

Wild beaches and nature of the Black Sea coast

There are many beaches on the Black Sea coast. But most of them have a flaw that scares away some tourists. It's a lot of people. If you are one of those travelers who prefer a quiet holiday away from the crowd, this trip is for you. Here you have chosen the smallest beaches of the coast on your way to the river Ashe. You can not only take sun and water baths on wild beaches. We will also visit places of interest, where it is very good to organize picnics in nature. Recreational effect guaranteed!

Wild beaches and nature of the Black Sea coast

3 days itinerary by Yulia Zharkova - Uninhabited Nature - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Picnics in silence

We'll pick up some groceries in the morning. Then we'll visit some deserted beaches. Their beauty is their wildness. And in the afternoon we'll have a historic landmark. Dolmen. Let's set for a wave of silence!
Visiting: Ashe, Volkonka, Yakornaya Shchel', Katkova Shchel', Loo, Sochi

Day 2: The second day outdoors...

We continue our journey. We're relaxing on the beach again. And in the afternoon we will visit such natural attractions of Lazarevsky, as the Berendeevo Kingdom and the Crab Gorge. The sea of impressions is secured.
Visiting: Ashe, Lazarevskoye

Day 3: Way along the coast

Despite the fact that today we have to overcome a considerable distance, we will have time to visit a natural attraction. This is the Cool Canyon, for the sake of which it is necessary to walk some distance. And of course, clean and deserted beaches will not be left without our attention!
Visiting: Ashe, Zubova Shchel', Sochi, Khosta