Museum of Christmas Toy "Klinskoe Podvorie".. House-Museum of A.P.Gaidar. P.I. Tchaikovsky House Museum. . .

  Welcome to Klin!

We will go to a small city in the Moscow region - Klin, where we will be waiting for a very busy program. We will visit the Museum of Christmas Toy "Klinskoe Podvorie", where we will learn a lot of new interesting things about Christmas decorations, see the process of production and painting of toys. We will visit the house-museum of the Soviet writer A.P.Gaidar and the house-museum of the great composer P.I.Tchaikovsky.

Welcome to Klin!

1 day itinerary by Eugenia Laputina - Staycation, Arts and Creativity -

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Day 1: Klin Museums

The first point of our journey will be the museum of Christmas tree toys "Klinskoe podvorodstvo", where we learn a lot of interesting facts about Christmas tree toys and see the process of their creation, and consider a collection of ancient toys. The next point will be the house-museum of A.P.Gaidar, we will learn how the writer lived. Then we will head to the house-museum of P.I. Tchaikovsky, where the whole environment is preserved, here you will see the personal belongings of the composer, the library and much more.
Visiting: Klin, Solnechnogorsk, Moscow, Degunino