Water and forest land north of the capital – Day 3: Nature on its way to Moscow

Today, we are completing our little journey. We are planning to visit the Zavidovo National Park after breakfast, and afterwards move to Moscow. On our way there we will also visit several beautiful and picturesque places.
Water and forest land north of the capital
Travel distance by car: 206 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Dubna, Moscow, Zavidovo, Klin, Khimki, Trusovo, Zelenograd

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar



We'll stop by the supermarket for picnic snacks.

Национальный парк «Завидово»

National Parks

The main object of our program for today, of course, will be Zavidovo National Park. There is a huge massif of forest and marshlands on the protected area, there are many rare species of animals, birds and plants. Walking here, there is a real chance to meet a spotted deer or a raccoon dog.


Caucasian Restaurants

We decided to have lunch at the local hinkala. I must say that it has a very original interior, what is the column-tree near the bar. Georgian cuisine is mainly prepared here, although there are also Russian national dishes. We were satisfied with a plate of khinkali and borscht.

Трусово. Пляж


On the Istra reservoir, not so far from the village of Trusovo, there is a good beach. That's where we decided to stop for lunch. There are all conditions for a quality beach holiday, from a beach volleyball court to small water slides, which is probably why it is quite crowded on weekends.

Лес у МИЭТа


Coming up to Moscow, we wanted to stop for a walk in the forest park zone in the very center of Zelenograd. In the forest near the technology center MIET it was very quiet and peaceful, on the way there were occasionally met tourists. In a word, it was an ideal place for a leisurely walk.



Not far from Butakovsky Bay there is a cafe "Chalet". That's where we decided to have dinner. In this two-storey cottage we thought it was very cozy, the interior is spacious and modern. The menu offers a lot of cold and hot snacks, among which we can note herring in the signature marinade with farm potatoes, as well as assortments of chest and white mushrooms.