Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese – Day 2: Agrofarm: cheese-making and meat delicacies

On this day, we will be active participants in the preparation of cheese and meat delicacies. And we will finish it in colourful Russian restaurant of city Vladimir.
Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese
Travel distance by car: 71 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Vladimir, Krutovo

Trip duration: 3 days

Maria Mamedli

Bogdarnya Agro Complex

To start a new day is worth a busy breakfast in the restaurant complex. Then, together with the specialists of the farm we will go on a tour: we will be told about the national heritage of Russia - "Vladimir Heavy Lorry", about the annual tournament for the crew ride "Vladimir Trakt". We'll take a ride in the Russian three. Then you should have a rest at the farm brunch in the "Kolkhoz Club" of the complex: tea with herbs, ricotta cheesecakes with sour cream, porridge, refreshing creamy morning aperitif according to the recipe of the owners. After - excursion to John Kopisky's cheese factory: we will be told about cheese production and you can also try the most famous varieties. Next will be the continuation of brunch on the grill veranda and a master class "Meat" with tasting of branded steaks. Having completed all our activities, we leave for the city Vladimir.

Park Hotel Voznesenskaya Sloboda

Памятник "Владимирская вишня"

Outdoor Sculptures

Leaving the unique farm, we will go to the historic center of Vladimir. The first thing we will visit is a cherry monument. Vladimir has been known as a "cherry town" since ancient times, which is why this monument was established. The monument is located near the Patriarchal Garden, where you can also walk and relax.

Георгиевская улица

Pedestrian Plazas

Then you should take a walk to the pedestrian zone, located in "Old Vladimir". The pedestrian street has been beautifully restored and is full of various tourist attractions. One of the bronze sculptures is very popular: the monument to the filer (an agent of the criminal investigation police), because of the billboard watching the actions of a young shalopai. If you get here on a hot day, you can pamper yourself and your friends from an old handmade fire hose that is held by a bronze fireman. In the warm season, looking in one of the courtyards you can also find "Shalopaevka" - a place where local antique dealers gather: this was the name of an ancient city flea market, which was located at the end of the street.

Круча / Krucha

Eastern European Restaurants

Since the day was busy, we suggest going to one of the best restaurants in town for dinner. Restaurant "Krucha" is famous for its exquisite Russian cuisine and incredible author's presentation. The price in the city is above average, but it is worth it!

Park Hotel Voznesenskaya Sloboda

After a wonderful dinner we go to the hotel, relax and share the impressions of a busy and interesting day.