Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese – Day 1: Chocolate and gingerbread

Our tour will begin with a visit to the chocolate museum and factory "Pokrovsky Gingerbread".
Vladimir region: from chocolate to cheese
Travel distance by car: 130 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Krutovo, Pokrov, Moscow

Trip duration: 3 days

Maria Mamedli

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Chocolate Museum (Музей Шоколада)


It is worth starting our tour and warming up your appetite by visiting the Chocolate Museum in the city of Pokrov. You will learn everything about the history of popular sweets, from their origins to the present day. The exposition is interactive and will be interesting for both adults and children. The museum welcomes visitors from Wednesday to Sunday.

Памятник Шоколаду

Monuments / Landmarks

Did you know that there's a chocolate monument? Let's conclude our acquaintance with history - a few steps away from the museum there is a monument in the form of a chocolate bar. It is located in a pleasant, small square, where you can rest after the tour.


Покровский пряник


Then we go to the gingerbread factory. There we will be introduced to the unique production of gingerbread. You will get to the heart of gingerbread masterpieces creation: secret recipes and ancient interiors are waiting for you. You can conclude your acquaintance with a tasting of your favorite delicacy over a cup of fragrant tea. Also I highly recommend to visit a master class on gingerbread painting: you can create your own unique gingerbread masterpiece. Children and adults will be delighted!

Bogdarnya Agro Complex

After that we go to the main location of the tour: the agro-cultural tourist complex "Bogdarnya". We will come already in the evening, so I recommend to have dinner on the farm, in the restaurant "Kolkhozny Club", where dishes from locally cooked products are served. You will immediately feel the whole flavor of this place. To learn more about the activities that can be done on the farm and sign up for excursions I advise on [official website](http://bogdarnya.ru/#8thpage).


After dinner, you can take a walk around the complex and relax before the next day. You can stay at a hotel on the farm, but if there are no rooms available on the dates you need, a hotel nearby will be found automatically.