The Rocks Three Sisters . White Mountain . The spring of God's gift. . Nevyanskaya Tower.

Ural natural treasures

I suggest you make a road trip to one of the most dynamic tourist clusters in the Urals - Mount Belaya. In addition to the ski complex, there are 500 km of hiking trails, you can ride horses and ATVs, visit ancient villages and operating farms, in summer rafting on Chusova... You'll also have a walk to the ancient rock remains, an unusual view to one of the main Ural sights and a secret spring, which only locals know about.

Ural natural treasures

1 day itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - Staycation, Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure, Adventures -

Road Trip Categories: Staycation, Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure, Adventures

Day 1: Picturesque mountains and rocks of the Urals

The Urals is rich in unique monuments of nature and architecture. On this trip you will see some of the most spectacular sights of the Sverdlovsk region.
Visiting: Uralets, Nev'yansk, Tavatuy, Sredneuralsk, Yekaterinburg, Neyvo-Rudyanka, Uktusskiy