Climb to the top of the rock on Alexandrovskaya Hill.. Look deep into the failures in Magnitogorsk.. Look at Iy from the Argus cliff.. Visit the room of the Inquisition in Sonka Lagoon.. Take a picture against the background of Lake Zuratkul.. In Miass, be sure to climb the mountain overlooking Mashgorodok..

Ural Mountain Heart: Zuratkul, Zlatoust, Satka, Miass.

The route runs around Miass, Zlatoust and Satka. His highlight will be visiting Lake Zuratkul, climbing the Zuratkul Range and walking along the "Sonka Lagoon". The route requires some physical preparation, as there will be mountains with long rises, as well as the kurumnik - a disorderly heap of large rocks. Consider the weather forecast before you travel. In cloudy weather, most of the mountains on the route may be covered by clouds and you will not be able to enjoy the views. It is worth driving here in clear weather. If you go in winter, take a flashlight to climb the mountain in Miass. You'll come to its foot after sunset.

Ural Mountain Heart: Zuratkul, Zlatoust, Satka, Miass.

2 days itinerary by Александр Багно - Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure

Day 1: The outskirts of Zlatoust and Satka

We will ascend the Alexandrovskaya Hill, which overlooks Zlatoust, Taganay and Ilmesky ridge. Then we will go to the Black Rock on Taganay, from which there is a beautiful view of the main Taganay peaks. Then we will go to the village of Magnitka, where we will see the failures formed in the mountain after the closure of the mines. From here to the village of Kusa, where we will enjoy a view of the Ai River from Argus rock. And at the end of the day we'll walk around Satka amusement park "Sonkina Lagoon".
Visiting: Satka, Magnitka, Mayakovskogo, Kusa, Novozlatoust, Urzhumka, Chelyabinsk

Day 2: Zuratkul National Park

Today we will visit "Zuratkul" National Park, where we will admire Lake Zuratkul and climb the Zuratkul Ridge. We will also go to Miass, where we will climb the nameless mountain and enjoy the view of the evening Miass.
Visiting: Zyuratkul', Satka, Miass, Dachnyy, Pervomayskiy, Chelyabinsk, Turgoyak