Sulphur Cave. Non-freezing Blue Lake. Uyazi Tau Alpine Ski Complex. Horseback riding on "Fazenda". The Pearl of the Urals - The Inzer Teeth.. Russian bath in Adzhigardak. Hot-air balloon flight.

Ural Adventure

A trip to the mountains that divide Eurasia into two halves: Europe and Asia awaits you. Here you can plunge into the movie "Avatar" (in the Urals, there is a mini version of the flying Chinese mountains). Hiking to the most beautiful peaks and magnificent mountain landscapes awaits you. Also two ski complexes, traditional Russian bathhouse and horseback riding are waiting for you, and the highlight of the trip is a balloon flight!

Ural Adventure

3 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Winter landscapes and horseback riding

The most beautiful road towards the Ural Mountains awaits you. First you will stop at the Blue Lake which is not frozen even in winter and which will give you bright pictures. After that you will stop in a ski complex to warm up from sitting in the car and to plunge into the activity in the open air. End your day near Ufa at the wonderful spa.
Visiting: Chesnokovka, Staryye Chuti, Nizhnetimkino, Samsonovka, Belozerka, Ufa, Samara

Day 2: Ural landscapes

An active day outdoors awaits you. As you won't have a place to stop for lunch, I suggest you bring lunch boxes, you can order them at the hotel or just pick up some sandwiches. There are about 17 km of hiking in total and the most beautiful views of the Ural Mountains waiting for you. You can finish your day in a deserved hot Russian bath.
Visiting: Tikhaya, Kiselevskiy, Chesnokovka, Verkhnyaya Manyava, Kataskin, Asha

Day 3: Alpine skiing complex and balloon flight

After yesterday's walks, today will seem much easier to you. Start it with entertainment to your liking - it can be both skiing and snowboarding, because you will start the morning at the ski resort. Then go on a hot-air balloon flight and explore the most beautiful places from altitude. Please note that the exact location of the flight must be agreed in advance.
Visiting: Kiselevskiy, Iskino, Surgut, Kuznetsovskiy Zaton, Chernaya Rechka, Ufa, Samara