I'll take a look at the old water intake complex.. See the second largest lake in the Novosibirsk region. Learn the legend of the sea devil in Lake Chany. Get to know the story of the hero of North Korea.. Cross the great river Ob.. Walk along the shores of the Ob Sea. Visit an abandoned sanatorium..

Unusual Siberia

The trip goes westward from the city of Novosibirsk and lasts two days. The route goes through the village of Kargat, Lake Ubin and Lake Chany, which borders the Kirzin State Nature Reserve. The second day begins with a visit to the village Travnoe, with a very unusual history, then passes through the Ob River, and brings back to Novosibirsk. On the route there are stops for lunch and dinner, as well as overnight stay. Don't forget to dress warmly and take food and water with you.

Unusual Siberia

2 days itinerary by Anna Arkhipova - Unobvious locations, History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Unobvious locations, History and Culture

Day 1: Along the mysterious lakes

Today we will go on a short trip to interesting places in the Novosibirsk region. We will visit the Kargat Museum of History, which is located in an abandoned factory. We'll visit two interesting lakes, one of which is famous for the legend of a sea creature, whose history has never been revealed.
Visiting: Zdvinsk, Kvashnino, Prokudskoye, Kreshchenskiy, Kargat, Novosibirsk, Barabinsk

Day 2: On the way to Novosibirsk.

Today we will get acquainted with the history of the hero of North Korea, cross the Ob River, learn the history of the village of Burmistrovo and visit an abandoned Soviet sanatorium.
Visiting: Zdvinsk, Khlebopriyemnyy Punkt, Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Kochki, Burmistrovo, Travnoye, Berdsk