To see an abandoned building of the sanatorium "Rechkunovsky".. To be photographed at the Iskitim Marble Quarry. Walk at the foot of the Four Brothers Rock.... Feel the atmosphere of St. Makary's Church. To get to the temple of John the Theologian.. Learn about pharmacy at the Mountain Pharmacy Museum.. . .

Unusual places in Siberia

Many of us, as children, liked to go to unusual places that attracted us... with its mystery and mysticism. Our journey will be divided into two days and two themes: unusual abandoned places of Novosibirsk region and natural wonders of the Altai Territory.

Unusual places in Siberia

2 days itinerary by Yana Levchuk - Unobvious locations - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: In the footsteps of the past.

Why are people so drawn to old and abandoned structures, which among other things can be dangerous to life? And the answer is quite simple: curiosity! Man by nature is drawn to everything forbidden, secret and mystical. And today we offer you to walk around some of these objects!
Visiting: Gorno-Altaysk, Belokurikha, Shipunovo, Zarya, Barnaul, Berdsk, Novolugovoye, Novosibirsk

Day 2: Unusual temples of the Altai land

We are all used to the golden domes and white walls of Orthodox temples. Have you seen a church, which is located on a cliff cliff and which can be reached only by a bridge? Or maybe you have seen a completely wooden temple? Charge your cameras, you will need them today!
Visiting: Gorno-Altaysk, Chemal, Barnaul, Biysk, Prigorodnyy, Novosibirsk