Clear Field Ecopark.. Guryev quarries. Tubing in Forino. Yasnaya Polyana Horse Club.. Acquaintance with the bison in Orlovskoe Polesye. .

Unknown trails and wildlife

Three days in three different areas waiting for you. During this trip you will walk along several eco-trails in the forests and hills, photo hunting for bison, hares and even, if you are lucky, on the Russian cuticle. You will try yourself as a rider on elite horses, go down from local hills on skis or tubes. Another part of your adventure will be the shooting experience, maybe next time you will gather for a real hunt and this experience will be very useful for you. And, of course, a walk through two beautiful cities - Orla and Kozelsk.

Unknown trails and wildlife

3 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Eco-walks and skis

You will start your morning with the eco-park "Clear Field", which was built not so long ago but has already gained recognition among the Russians. Here you will find both eco-farm and routes for hiking and horseback riding. Then head towards the Guryevskiye quarries, which are about 120 km long. Of course, you can't all go around, but you'll remember the underground corridors for a long time. The next significant place in the region is the Romance Mountains, where lignite used to be mined. In the summer time the place is very similar to the surface of Mars, but in winter it is no less attractive for hiking. The end of the day you will spend in a ski complex, where you can choose entertainment to your liking.
Visiting: Tula, Forino, Velezhevo, Kvan', Venev, Rozhdestveno, Byakovo, Sviridovo Vtoroye, Kaluga

Day 2: Shooting and horses

A busy day awaits you, which you will start at the shooting complex. After practice in shooting, you will take a horseback ride on the territory of Yasnaya Polyana, where the family of Leo Tolstoy lived. Here you will stay for lunch in the restaurant at the estate of the Russian writer. Closer to the evening you will find another activity - this time in the ski amusement park, where you can choose the activity you like. Evening you will spend in the city founded by Ivan the Terrible, walk along its embankment and be photographed with the monument of the sovereign.
Visiting: Oryol, Tula, Pervomayskiy, Nepolod', Rozhdestveno

Day 3: In the animal world.

The morning will begin with Turgenev's gazebo, which appeared in his work "The Nest of the Nobles". After a short walk in the city park, you will head to the Orlovskoye Estate National Park. Here you'll find an ancient settlement and many animals, try not to scare them away. In the park there are bison, a unique Russian ruffle, a lot of deer and rabbits. Next, you'll find an eco-trail leading to the Devil's Hill - another historical place located in the national park "Ugra", be careful - there are plenty of animals here.
Visiting: Oryol, Kozel'sk, Berezichi, Staroye, L'gov, Radovishche, Kaluga