Find the geographic center of the Kurgan region. To visit the cemetery of old equipment. To see the oldest operating mill in the Urals.. Learn the tragic fate of the church in the village of Chineauovo.. Visit the first church of faith in Orenburg province. Get to know the history of the town of Kurtamysh. .

Unknown paths of the Kurgan region

This journey will open you to a world of unexplored Kurgan sights. Tiny villages with majestic ruins of churches, a cemetery of cars, the oldest Ural mill - will be interesting and informative!

Unknown paths of the Kurgan region

1 day itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Geographical center of Kurgan region, cemetery of old equipment, the oldest Ural mill and museum of Kurtamysh.

Today you will visit the village of Chineaevo, where the geographical center of the Kurgan region is located, you will glance in three destroyed but very beautiful churches with amazing history and you will walk in the cemetery of old cars and buses, behind which the oldest operating mill in the Urals is hiding. At the end of the day you will visit the local history museum in the town of Kurtamysh and have a delicious dinner.
Visiting: Kurtamysh, Kurgan, Ivinskaya Mel'nitsa, Yurgamysh, Chineyevo, Sladkokarasinskoye, Zakomaldino, Vvedenskoye