Tver-Yaroslavl-Vladimir: a cultural program for the whole family – Day 6: Impressive beauty of ancient Vladimir

Let's immerse ourselves in the stunning beauty of ancient Vladimir. And a few days for this is not enough, how rich and beautiful his story is! And how wonderful that all this has been preserved! And on the way we will visit the museum of Russian shawl and shawl. Well, and, of course, no one cancelled the gourmet meals.
Tver-Yaroslavl-Vladimir: a cultural program for the whole family

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar

Кофейня Nabegoo


A wonderful classic breakfast to our liking! Lovely coffee, fresh pastries. It's very nice. We took the coffee away and went to explore Vladimir.

Владимиро-Суздальский музей-заповедник

History Museums

This reserve includes unique architectural monuments. St. Dmitry's Cathedral - a stunning white-stone church, the palace church of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest (~1190) Carved, airy, solemn, joyful - is only a small number of epithets that appear in the head when you see it. Golden Gate (~1158 -1164), with the Gate Church of the Virgin Mary's Resurrection, are the only preserved to this day. There is also a historical museum, Dormition Cathedral and as many as 52 monuments of architecture. It's impossible to describe. You have to walk, watch, study, record, take pictures and admire.

Музей Старый Владимир

History Museums

Wonderful museum of immersion in the life of the city of that time. It's atmospheric and interesting. Pleasant presentation of material. Interesting, everything is memorable. Wonderful observation deck upstairs. Don't forget to take pictures.



We'll stop for lunch on the way. It's delicious, fast and good. What surprises me about this trip are the names of cafes and restaurants. The interiors are also very eccentric - either oriental motifs or leopard prints. I liked the menu, it's delicious and simple.

Музей истории русского платка и шали


The next point of our trip is Pavlovsky Posad. Probably a well-known place of production of shawls of extraordinary beauty. Until now they use traditional methods of making natural scarves from wool and silk, which have no equal in the world. You can buy such kerchiefs and scarves in the company's shopping center next door, and we will visit the museum. In the museum, we were told the history of the craft and shown the technology of making a handkerchief. For those who wish there is a master class, so you can leave with your own handkerchief or napkin. It's interesting, informative, exciting. It's closed on Mondays.



We conclude our journey with a delicious dinner. In a restaurant on the river Chernogolovka. The atmosphere was completely in line with the name. I liked both the menu and the service. The atmospheric end of the trip.