Trip to the tourist village of Mandrogi with extreme entertainment on the way – Day 2: Day 2 - Soul: Ethno-complex "Mandrogi".

The second day we will fully spend in the tourist village of Mandrogi in Podporozhsky district. It is an ideal place for lovers of country rest. Ancient huts, craft workshops, tastings, "village" spa - both good and interesting!
Trip to the tourist village of Mandrogi with extreme entertainment on the way
Travel distance by car: 83 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Verkhniye Mandrogi, Domozhirovo

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Верхние Мандроги

Historic Sites

The tourist village Mandrogi will tell the visitor about the life and life of peasants from all over the Russian North. On the territory of the complex you can find an old wooden Church of the Prophet Elisha removed from the Vologda region, carefully restored by the workers of the park. The village is located on the bank of the Sviri: local landscapes will delight even the most experienced tourist. Horse riding (from 500 rubles), fishing gear rental and picnics on a desert island, where you can get a motorboat. *" It's an important moment! Employees of the park ask to agree on the arrival by phone + 7 (812) 347 94 04 or at *.

Mandrogi Hotel

Блинный Бар

Tea Rooms

We have lunch at the pancake bar - it is a big gazebo with a stove, where in the warm season pancakes are baked.

Ремесленная Слобода

Art Galleries

In the old huts there are several handicraft workshops with more than a hundred masters. In the smithy you can make a coin, a horseshoe for luck or even a forged rose. Behind the potter's wheel, you can make a vase or a jug. And also here they are engaged in painting of wooden toys and gingerbread, weaving, creation of dolls-shelves, lying down from wool, carving on wood - if desired, the workshops can be stuck at least for the whole day. *The cost of classes - from 900 rubles per person. It is better to specify the schedule of master classes in advance by phone.

Музей Водки

Historic Sites

The Vodka Museum in the village of Mandrogi is over 20 years old. There are over 3500 varieties of this strong drink, as well as glasses, unique decanters and vintage bottles. The entrance to the museum costs 300 rubles. If you wish, you can join the excursion with tasting for 1000 rubles per person. The service is available for guests over 21 years in companies of 6 people.

Ресторан Мандроги


The complex has an excellent restaurant, which can be praised for its rich menu and interiors. Everything is prepared for each visitor individually, "with a knife", so complex dishes must be ordered in advance. For example, stewed in a Russian stove porridge is cooked for almost 12 hours. Drink delicacies of Russian cuisine with horseradish or infusion on nettles and cloudberries.

Баня в Мандрогах

Bath Houses

The best end of the day is a phytoflask and a massage. All these services are available in the tourist village. Another fashionable option is stone therapy, or massage with hot and cold stones.

Mandrogi Hotel

After such a beautiful day, the best solution is to get a good night's sleep!