Trip to the tourist village of Mandrogi with extreme entertainment on the way – Day 1: Day 1 - active: paintball, wakeboard, Lava River Canyon, bathhouse on the river bank

The first day of this mini-journey we will spend actively. The doctor prescribed to the workers who stayed in the offices to run in the woods with a paintball gun, win a wakeboard, climb canyons and soar in a Russian bath.
Trip to the tourist village of Mandrogi with extreme entertainment on the way
Travel distance by car: 270 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Domozhirovo, Staraya Sviritsa, Saint Petersburg, Korkino, Selivanovo Pervoye, Kupchino, Ozerki, Vasil'kovo

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Dacia Logan


Paintball Fields, Laser Tag Places

Club "Snaker" is designed for those who do not want to slow down during the holidays. Here they play paintball, lasertag, rouge. An interesting alternative - forest quests with "mission to save the world". After all, at the base you can ride ATVs on off-road (and, by the way, shoot paintball markers right on the move on special targets). *The club is open daily from 10:00. You can sign up for the game at [site](*.



Kolobok Bistro is a place with history. The first buffet was opened back in 1965, at 40 Tchaikovsky Street (it still exists). One "Kolobok" can be found near the paintball club. Here you will find a full-fledged home kitchen - and quite inexpensive, which is important.

Коркинское озеро


In the afternoon we go to wake-park on Lake Korkino. One set (10 minutes) costs here 500 rubles, plus rental of sports equipment. In addition to an excellent wakeboard winch (with a height of supports 9 meters), guests will find a nice recreation area and a summer terrace where you can relax after skiing.

Каньон реки Лава


On the way, let's take a look at one interesting place. In the village of Vasilkovo there is a stone arched bridge over Lava. The river was the pre-Petersburg border of Novgorod Russia and Sweden. The places here are incredibly picturesque - steep cliffs, jungle, water cascades. The Lava River on this section has a typical mountain appearance: it is not often met in the Leningrad Region. It's a pleasure to wander here in good weather!

Holiday Home Karelka

Gazpromneft filling station #111

It's a great trip, isn't it? And to make it dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.


Recreation Centers

Tonight, let's take a look at Svirskaya base. This place is a real gift for lovers of nature, silence and home comfort. The base stands on the bank of the river Svir. Russian bath with birch brooms will quench all sorrows and relax muscles strained while walking. You can also have dinner here: the complex has a beautiful cafe in the "country" style with homemade food. *Recovery sauna can be booked by phone, which you can find at [site](* recreation centers.

Holiday Home Karelka

Are you tired? And the active weekend is just beginning, so you need a good night's sleep to be 100% loaded tomorrow.