Trip to the city-resort of Sochi – Day 2: Sochi - Krasnodar

Today we will visit the Museum of the history of the city-resort of Sochi, park "Riviera", on the way to Krasnodar we will visit Paseku and Kiselev Rock.
Trip to the city-resort of Sochi

Trip duration: 2 days

Tatiana Mumleva

Hyundai Solaris


Russian Restaurants

For breakfast we stop by the restaurant "Moscow" to taste Russian cuisine. For breakfast we offer a wide range of dishes. After visiting the restaurant we go to the Museum of the history of Sochi.

Sochi Museum (Музей истории города-курорта Сочи)

History Museums

After breakfast we go to the Museum of the history of the city of Sochi, which keeps the memory of the heroism of the people in the pride of the Great Patriotic War. In addition, the museum collected the heritage of the population of the region.

Rivera Park (Парк «Ривьера» / Rivera Park)


This park is a business card of Sochi, one of the most famous parks in the city. The park has over 70 attractions that will please both adults and children.

Кофе-зал «Луч»


For a bite to eat, we stop at a cafe nearby. Many visitors recommend tasting waffles with ice cream. After a snack we go back to Krasnodar, on the way visiting several interesting tourist places.


Historic Sites

We'll visit the apiary on the way home. Here you can try beekeeping products, learn a lot about bee life and, of course, buy delicious souvenirs from the local honey shop.

пляж @ скала Киселёва


Then we stop at Kiseleva beach for a little walk and beautiful photos. This place became known to most travelers thanks to the movie "Diamond Hand".



Driving up to Krasnodar, you can again visit the restaurant "Kharchevnya", have a tasty dinner and rest. This is the last place in our two-day trip.