Trip to the city-resort of Sochi – Day 1: Krasnodar-Sochi

Today we will go from Krasnodar to Sochi, on the way we will stop in several interesting places. In Sochi we have time to visit the Sochi Arboretum.
Trip to the city-resort of Sochi

Trip duration: 2 days

Tatiana Mumleva



For breakfast we stop by the restaurant "Harchevnia". This is a very cozy place with a variety of cuisine for every taste. The choice of dishes is large and meets expectations.

Смотровая Площадка

Scenic Lookouts

On the way we stop at the Lookout Place, you can take a little rest from the road and take a walk.

Grill And Pizza

BBQ Joints, Pizza Places

On the way we will visit the grill bar to have a nourishing and delicious lunch. The facility is located in the village of Aghoy. Then we will go to Volkonsky Dolmen.

U Zapolarya Hotel

Волконский Дольмен

Historic Sites

Approaching closer and closer to Sochi. On our way meets Volkonsky Dolmen, which is located near the highway (about 200 m). Dolmens these days are quite rare buildings, so you should visit them.

Дендрарий / Dendrarium

Botanical Gardens

Well, here we are in Sochi! First of all, we go to Sochi arboretum. This place is a real treasure of Russian subtropics, which has more than 1800 species of exotic and rare plants.



For dinner, we stop by the restaurant Babylon. The day ends, we need to have a good rest and enjoy the evening. The restaurant has a luxurious menu and a wide choice of wines.