Museum of Living Antiquities "Alexeyevskaya Sloboda".. Nikolsk Fair Suzuna. The Susun Factory. Mint.

Traditions of Russian Siberian cuisine

We will follow the traces of traditional Russian cuisine in Siberia. Find out what events have influenced its development and shaped its modern look. In addition to interesting gastronomic excursions, we will visit the unique Museum of Susun Zavod and learn interesting facts about the production of the Siberian coin. It'll be informative, delicious and plenty!

Traditions of Russian Siberian cuisine

1 day itinerary by Pavel Ivshin - Gastronomy Tour -

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Day 1: Behind the traditions of Russian cuisine.

Today we will visit two master classes, two gastronomic programs in the village of Alexeyevo and the village of Suzun.
Visiting: Alekseyevka, Suzun, Novosibirsk, Cherepanovo