Conquer the thickets and swamps of Meshchera National Park. To visit places in the EU and wander along the banks of the Pra river.. To visit the Drunken Forest and ancient settlements. Feeding bison and cranes in Oksk reserve. Fly a small plane over the beauties of the Ryazan region.. Hook a piece of Easter Island under Vladimir. .

Towards Vladimir for 6 days to feel the power of nature

This scenario offers to look at not the most obvious Russian cities and routes, glorifying first of all the impressive nature. It is an excellent option for escape from routine and boredom, for fresh air and new impressions. We have all been waiting for it for so long! Get ready to walk a lot. There will be national parks, reserves and other native expanses. Clothes and shoes are the most comfortable, the weather is extremely clear. Take your backpack and thermos with you. Here we go!

Towards Vladimir for 6 days to feel the power of nature

6 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Sport and Leisure - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Park Pekhorka, lapta and towns, Kolokshinsky Istukan, Dyukinsky quarry

Today we'll be on our way to Goose Crystal. On the way we'll have a look at the balashikha park (surprisingly stylish and cozy), then we'll visit an agricultural farm where we'll learn to play with our hands. Under Vladimir we'll visit Kolokshinsky statue, and the sunset we'll meet at the edge of the most beautiful quarry in the surroundings.
Visiting: Gus'-Khrustal'nyy, Balashikha, Nepeytsyno, Pionerlager', Moscow, Krutovo

Day 2: Piestra is a land of pristine nature.

Meshchera National Park is an area of 110,000 hectares. Tourist facilities are spread out over this area tens of kilometers apart. Let's try to conquer at least a small part of the reserve by exploring three ecological paths. Entrance to the trails is paid, but it costs a penny: 50-100 rubles.
Visiting: Gus'-Khrustal'nyy, Erleks, Filino

Day 3: Kayak fusion on the river Pra and ancient Kasimov

Let's have a rest near the river Pra, which is called the pearl of the Meshchera region. Along the banks there are a lot of equipped parking lots for rest. The shores are tall, wooded, somewhere there are comfortable sandy beaches. The river is calm, there are no rapids - only sometimes there are small rubble. After that we will go for a night in Kasimov - a town with an amazing history, which deserves a separate trip.
Visiting: Kasimov, Gus'-Khrustal'nyy, Spas-Klepiki, Tuma

Day 4: Bisons and cranes in Oka reserve, Drunken forest, Terekhovskoe ancient settlement

In the morning we'll go to Oka State Reserve early - to get acquainted with cranes and bison. After that we'll visit Tsiolkovsky's homeland and wander through the "drunken forest" - an amazing natural monument.
Visiting: Sasykino, Kasimov, Brykin Bor, Dubrovka, Ibred', Izhevskoye

Day 5: Adventures at the airport, Old Ryazan, beautiful beaches of Oki

In the morning we will go to the local airfield: parachute jumping, soaring in the air tube and test small planes. In the afternoon we will visit the manor of Ludwig von Dervis, where they say they shot everyone's favorite Soviet film "Cinderella". Then we will visit the ruins of Old Ryazan and enjoy the steep banks of the Oka, which keep thousands of years of secrets. In the evening we will arrive in Ryazan, where we will sleep.
Visiting: Ryazan, Sasykino, Shilovo, Polyany, Spasskiy Rayon, Nikitino, Frolovo, Kal'noye, Kiritsy

Day 6: Ancient fortified settlement, White Mountain, racing track.

The final day of the journey will be filled with new experiences. In the morning we will visit the place of the ancient Ryazan city on the high bank of the Oka, then conquer the "snowy" mountains near Moscow. Finally we will go in for extreme sports on a modern racing track "ADM Raceway".
Visiting: Ryazan, Moscow, Voskresensk, Oktyabr'skiy, Fruktovaya, Zhukovskiy