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Towards adventure from Krasnoyarsk

A real three-day adventure for those who crave active recreation and new experiences. You will discover the natural riches of Khakassia, walk among the rocks of unusual shape in the reserve "Chests", and also take a ride on skis, snowboarding and even ratraka at the ski resorts "Gornaya Salanga" and "Priiskova". Don't let long moves frighten you, because this is Russia! Siberia! All the more so because the goal is worth it. These three days will give you more emotions and impressions than a month of rest in Turkey! Before going on a trip, it is better to learn about the start of the season at each of the complexes.

Towards adventure from Krasnoyarsk

3 days itinerary by Pavel Ivshin - Sport and Leisure -

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: In "Salanga"

The first day of the route will introduce you to the amazing Khakass natural heritage. You will visit the Sunduki reserve, walk among mysterious rocks, and in the evening you will reach the resort "Mountain Salanga".
Visiting: Polutornik, Iyus, Daurskoye, Tatarka, Manskiy, Krasnoyarsk

Day 2: In "Priiskovo"

It's the shortest move this afternoon, but an early rise. Otherwise you can't try the slopes of the Salanga! Early in the morning and right on the board! After lunch at Salanga, we are on our way to Priiskovo, another ski complex that differs significantly from the previous one!
Visiting: Priiskovyy, Polutornik, Zolotogorskiy

Day 3: Home

Today we have hikes, lakes and gorges. The views are so breathtaking! Don't forget to charge your smartphone in front of the road, today you will definitely take a lot of pictures!
Visiting: Priiskovyy, Ozero Shira, Yefremkino, Ogon'ki, Tuim, Krasnoyarsk