Visit the rare bird nursery. Walk along Barnaul's seafront. Look at exotic animals on an ostrich farm.. Admire nature at the Badger Cave. .

To visit the owls and ostriches

A journey that both children and adults will enjoy! Wonderful natural landscapes, walks in the botanical garden, and most importantly - getting to know animals and birds. You will see the Badger Cave, learn how to nurse rare birds in a special nursery, go to an ostrich farm, where in addition to ostriches live a large number of exotic animals, and at the end of the day walk along the waterfront of Barnaul and have dinner in an excellent restaurant. I recommend as warm and comfortable as possible to get dressed, to take on the road thermos with hot tea and some vegetables to the inhabitants of the farm.

To visit the owls and ostriches

1 day itinerary by Yana Levchuk - Families with Kids -

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Day 1: Southern parts of Siberia

Today we will head southeast to the city of Barnaul, where our busy program will take place. We will have time to feed rare birds, walk around the city and see how big ostrich eggs really are.
Visiting: Sannikovo, Pen'kovo, Krasnoobsk, Novosilikatnyy, Barnaul, Yuzhnyy, Novosibirsk, Zaton