Go snowboarding or skiing in Gubaha. Walk around the Stone Town and walk to the Ultimate Pillars.. Climb Mount Kachkanar and visit a Buddhist monastery on its summit..

To the border of Europe and Asia: Kachkanar, Usva poles, skiing in Gubaha

On this route there are places to walk and things to see: three cities, two mountains, a cave and a ski center. We'll walk around the Lower Tura and take a look from the mountain at the evening Kushva. We will climb the Kachkanar mountain, on top of which there is a Buddhist monastery. We'll climb the Kolpaki mountain, from which there is a stunning view of the surrounding area. We will walk among the rocks in the Stone Town and look at the valley of the river Usva from the Usva pillars. We will also go skiing or snowboarding in Gubaha. It's better to go to the ski center on the weekend. On weekends, skiing is more expensive, but the slopes are open until 21 hours. They close at 6pm on weekdays. To visit the caves you will need a flashlight and clothes that are not sorely dirty.

To the border of Europe and Asia: Kachkanar, Usva poles, skiing in Gubaha

3 days itinerary by Александр Багно - Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Kachkanar

We will visit the Lower Tura, get acquainted with its main sights and climb the Kachkanar mountain, on the top of which there are many quaint rock stops and the Buddhist monastery of Shedrub Ling.
Visiting: Verkh-Is, Kachkanar, Verkhnyaya Kos'ya, Nizhnyaya Tura, Vyyskaya Plotina, Is, Nizhniy Tagil

Day 2: From Asia to Europe

We will climb the Kolpaka Mountain, on top of which there are rocks of unusual shape. From there we will go to the White Stones rock, where we will admire the view of the Basega ridge. And we'll finish the day by skiing in the ski center of Gubaha.
Visiting: Gubakha, Ugleural'skiy, Verkh-Is, Promysla, Gornozavodsk, Kachkanar, Gremyachinsk, Is, Nagornskiy

Day 3: Stone City and the Ultimate Pillars

We'll go to Stone Town, where we'll walk among the rocks. From there we'll climb to the Ulva Pillars and enjoy the view of the Ulva River. Then we will go down to the Pashy Cave, famous for its underground lake. And then we will climb the Mount of Grace in Kushva, which overlooks a huge quarry.
Visiting: Gubakha, Us'va, Pashiya, Verkhnyaya Tura, Gornozavodsk, Shumikhinskiy, Imennovskiy, Nizhniy Tagil, Kushva, Ugleural'skiy