Go snowboarding or skiing in Gubaha. Walk along the Stone Town near Usyva and reach the Usyva Pillars.. Climb Mount Kachkanar and visit a Buddhist monastery on its summit..

To the border of Europe and Asia: Chusovoi, Gubaha, Mount Kolpaki, Mount Kachkanar

On this route there is where to walk and what to see: two cities, two mountains, a cave, a ski center and many other attractions. Most of these places are available all year round. In summer, instead of the ski center "Gubakha" you can visit the semi-arbished village of Upper Gubakha, the caves Russian and Ladeynaya, the scenery of the film "Heart of Parma". It's better to go to the ski center on the weekend. On weekends, skiing is more expensive, but the slopes are open until 21 hours. They close at 6pm on weekdays. In summer it is better to go to Kachkanar mountain not directly to Kosyu, but to drive through Kachkanar town and after that to turn to Is settlement. Short road at this time of the year is available only for SUVs. To visit the caves you will need a flashlight and clothes that are not sorely dirty.

To the border of Europe and Asia: Chusovoi, Gubaha, Mount Kolpaki, Mount Kachkanar

3 days itinerary by Александр Багно - Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Chusova and Lips

Today you can walk around Chusovoye, visit the observation deck at the top of the White Stones cliff and go skiing or snowboarding in Gubaha.
Visiting: Gubakha, Ugleural'skiy, Chusovoy, Zalesnaya, Perm, Nagornskiy, Gremyachinsk

Day 2: From Europe to Asia

It's time to go! Ahead of you - the rocks Stone City, Usvinskie Pillars, Mount Kolpaki, then you will cross the border of Europe and Asia and reach the city Kachkanar.
Visiting: Verkh-Is, Us'va, Gubakha, Kachkanar, Gornozavodsk, Promysla, Shumikhinskiy, Is

Day 3: Kachkanar Mountain and return journey

On this day you will climb the Kachkanar mountain and go down to the Pasha cave.
Visiting: Verkhnyaya Kos'ya, Verkh-Is, Zarechka, Pashiya, Imennovskiy, Zalesnaya, Perm, Gornozavodsk, Is, Kachkanar