Monument to Tatishchev. Togliatti embankment. AvtoVAZ. Museum of Regional Studies of Togliatti. Photo session at Castle Garibaldi.. Bogatyrskaya Sloboda.

Time travel

You will have an unusual day with the modern history, namely acquaintance with the history of Togliatti from Tatishchev, the founder of the city to AvtoVAZ, which, in fact, has turned the city into what we see now. There are very few cathedrals and ancient historical monuments, as the city was built under the communist system in Russia, but you will see how people lived in the late 50's and how much has changed to this day. After the history of the twentieth century you will move to the Middle Ages, the Garibaldi Castle, the foundation of which, according to legend, was built in the X century. Just look at this castle and imagine that Richard the Lionheart himself has been here. And in the evening from the medieval castle you will move to Bogatyrskaya Sloboda - an extraordinary architectural complex, created in the traditions of Old Russian wooden architecture in the picturesque place of Zhigulyov mountains.

Time travel

1 day itinerary by Anna Semochkina - History and Culture -

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Day 1

On this journey, a journey into history awaits you. We will start with a new history - from 1950, when AvtoVAZ appeared in Togliatti, thanks to which now Togliatti is one of the largest cities in Samara region. Then you will move to the Middle Ages, where you will become a resident of the Middle Ages from an ancient castle. And at the end of the day you will meet with real heroes in Bogatyrskaya Sloboda.
Visiting: Khryashchevka, Samara, Zelenovka, Tolyatti, Yablon'ka, Berezovka, Komsomol'skiy