Museum of world funerary culture. Umrevinsky ostrog. Turnaevo. Siberian Kizhi. Fir crest" GLC. Abandoned marble quarry in Peteni. Gold mining center in Yegorievsky. Barsoukovskaya cave. Suzuna Mint. Genghis. Abandoned marble quarry in Iskitim.. Abandoned Rechkunovsky sanatorium.

Through the Museum of the Dead into the world of forgotten places from Novosibirsk.

We have a three-day ride on a ring of interesting places located between the Ob and Tom Rivers. We will see objects of Siberian wooden architecture. Abandoned marble quarries. A hut of bats. The Siberian mint. Abandoned sanatorium. And one of the nights spent at a ski resort.

Through the Museum of the Dead into the world of forgotten places from Novosibirsk.

3 days itinerary by Pavel Ivshin - Unobvious locations -

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Day 1: Siberian Wooden Architecture

Today we will visit two locations related to the history and culture of the temple, which are the works of wooden architecture of Siberia. Military and cultural. The day will end in the ski complex "Fir crest", where despite the late hours it will still be possible to ski, because the slopes are illuminated.
Visiting: Mirnyy, Turnayevo, Novosibirsk, Stantsionno-Oyashinskiy, Umreva, Sadovyy

Day 2: Rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Today we are waiting for interesting locations related to geology in one way or another: a marble quarry, a gold mining drag, a badger cave. In the cave, throughout the winter period, you can catch a wintering of bats, which means that there will be not one, and not two, but dozens of them.
Visiting: Suzun, Mirnyy, Pen'kovo, Prigorodnyy, Yegor'yevskoye, Peteni, Maslyanino, Suyenga

Day 3: Ringing of coins

The day will begin with a visit to the Mint in Suzun, the only place where a coin was officially minted in Siberia. Towards the end of the day we will visit another abandoned marble quarry and an abandoned sanatorium, which is quite a lot on the coast of the river Berd.
Visiting: Suzun, Chingisy, Novosibirsk, Shipunovo, Novolugovoye, Iskitim, Berdsk