The road to the Sea of Azov – Day 1

If you take beach shoes and more towels, you have a lot to bathe.
The road to the Sea of Azov
Travel distance by car: 377 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Temryuk, Krasnodar, Prikubanskiy, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, Svetlyy Put' Lenina, Strelka, Kars Mel'nichnyy

Trip duration: 1 day

Margarita Shilimanova


Lefkadia Wine Museum (Музей Вина Лефкадия)


The first stop on our journey will be the Wine Museum. Here you will be told about the history of winemaking and technology of making wine drinks. It is better to plan an individual excursion in advance, and you can do it by phone, indicated on the official [site](

Red Krill

Eastern European Restaurants

After a long journey you should rest and have a leisurely lunch at the oriental restaurant Red Krill.

Долина лотосов


So we got to one of the main attractions of this route - Lotus Valley. Flowers of this amazing plant reach fifteen centimeters in diameter and amaze with their beauty, and the diameter of the leaves reaches eighty centimeters. We advise you to go to the Lotus Valley during the flowering period - from July to August.

Пляж Посейдон


When the lunch heat drops, you should go to the sea to swim in warm water and lie in the sun. What could be better?

"Гефест" Грязевой вулкан


Mud volcano Hephaestus is the most popular in Taman, despite its second name - Rotten Mountain (because of loose, fragile soil). Bathing in the crater of the mud volcano is not only a rare entertainment, but also an extremely useful recovery procedure. As far back as 1896, volcanic mud was studied for its curative properties and the analysis confirmed the content of iodine, selenium, boron, bromine and other useful trace elements.

Кафе "Молодёжное"


It's worth a tight dinner, as we have a long way home.

Фонтан на озере

Harbors / Marinas

We will make a stop in Slavyansk-on-Kuban to stretch a little and admire the fountain with a beautiful backlight.