To see the beauty of the Karakansky pine forest: forest rivers, springs. To see the bottom of Marble Lake. Visit Genghis Island. . .

The Pearls of Siberian Nature

Siberia is a casket of the most beautiful natural places in Russia! This time we offer you to enjoy a walk around the pine forest, see the bottom of the Marmara Lake, visit the only inhabited island of Genghis in the Ob Sea and on the way back take beautiful pictures of the starry sky.

The Pearls of Siberian Nature

1 day itinerary by Yana Levchuk - Sport and Leisure -

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: This region is the wealth of our homeland!

Today, you and I will enjoy the views of the harsh yet amazing nature of the Novosibirsk Region. Get dressed warmer and take comfortable shoes so that nothing distracts you from such beautiful places.
Visiting: Chingisy, Lugovaya, Abrashino, Ordynskoye, Iskitim, Novosibirsk, Krasnoobsk