Architectural and ethnographic complex "Khokhlovka". Ilyinsk Local History Museum. Monument to Kudym-Osh. National cafes and restaurants of Kudymkar. Ocher Museum of Local Lore. Spoon museum. Cafe-Museum "Perm Cuisine".

The basics of Permian Komi national cuisine

Journey to Kudymkar, the capital of Permian Komi national cuisine. It's no secret that the best and tastiest national cuisine is kept in grandmother's recipes of each family, but in Kudymkar practically every cafe and restaurant has dishes of Permian Komi cuisine. The only thing left is to choose the best.

The basics of Permian Komi national cuisine

2 days itinerary by Pavel Ivshin - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour

Day 1: The road to Kudymkar

Tonight we will find ourselves in Kudymkar and visit its best establishments, but in the meantime we will have to take an almost three-hundred kilometer route through the ethno park "Khokhlovka", Ilyinsky settlement.
Visiting: Kudymkar, Rozhdestvensk, Khokhlovka, Il'inskiy, Yershi, Shiryaikha, Perm

Day 2: Perm cuisine

We return to Perm through the Museum of Spoons and find there that nothing was expected, perhaps, the best restaurant of national cuisine - café-museum "Perm cuisine".
Visiting: Kudymkar, Ocher, Perm, Nizhnyaya Kur'ya, Karagay, Nizhnyaya Garevaya, Krasnokamsk, Ust'-Syny