Tea in the Sortavala mountains and on the Gulf of Finland coast – Day 3: The coast of the Gulf of Finland and red tea.

In the morning we'll walk through the rocks in the coniferous forest, going out to Lake Worry. Transparent water, boulders and a sense of tranquillity. In St. Petersburg we will return along the coast of the Gulf of Finland, stopping to boil tea on the beach and enjoy the natural scenery.
Tea in the Sortavala mountains and on the Gulf of Finland coast
Travel distance by car: 289 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Vyborg, Centralniy, Repino, Primorsk, Molodezhnoye, Ozerki, Lautaranta

Trip duration: 3 days

Ksenia Beskova

Озеро Беспокойное


Through a forest with many mossy rocks, we go out to the lake. You can swim here. The clouds are reflected in the water. Serenity.



Let's go to the spring for a while, the water is clean, drinkable, you can wash to cheer up, or take with you on the road.

Приморский пляж


Numerous boulders, sand and seagulls. Here, we will make Gaoshan Hong Wan tea. They say this variety can withstand ten brewings, so we'll drink it in the afternoon.

Ресторан «Ель»

Modern European Restaurants

Heats the open fireplace, quiet, cozy. Along the walls of the bookshelves, the feeling of visiting the pre-revolutionary aristocrat. Beyond the window of the Gulf of Finland. The menu is diverse, the prices are adequate to the place.

Окуневая бухта


Transparent water. The landscape is stunning. Huge number of stones of various shapes scattered along the coast. Breathe in the sea air.

Мыс Стирсудден

Other Great Outdoors

A beacon in the middle of a mixed forest. An inconspicuous room nearby turned out to be a museum. Well, we go to the shore of the bay, drink Sagan-Dail tea on boulders, watch the waves and slightly swaying pines.

Наша Dacha


Wrapped in a plaid, we rest on a summer veranda overlooking the Gulf of Finland. The salad with peaches, goat cheese and honey is refreshing. At the end of the trip you can also afford a glass of wine, and for those who are driving - a tea "sea buckthorn with orange".