Tea in the Sortavala mountains and on the Gulf of Finland coast – Day 1: Tea in the wild

The morning will begin with drinking Puerto tea on the sandy beach of Lake Kavgolovo. After that, we'll go to meet the burobizons in the pine forest of Toksovo. Overlooking the Losevsky rapids of the Vuoksa River, we'll warm up with Ulun tea. Dinner is planned in Lahdenpohja.
Tea in the Sortavala mountains and on the Gulf of Finland coast

Trip duration: 3 days

Ksenia Beskova

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Зеленый Пляж


Uninhabited sandy beach. A shallow lake. This morning begins with Puera in the open air. A gas burner and a glass kettle are our companions on this trip. We watch the water boil, our mood changes, we dive into the process. Solitude, silence, attentiveness to the taste of the tea that we have just brewed ourselves.

Березовая Роща


Free parking. Huts, wooden statues, coniferous forest. In the area there is a rope town and a equestrian school. By the way, the bison are the same age as the mammoths. The mighty animals, unfortunately, are kept in enclosures and not in the open area as originally intended.

Shchuchie ozero Hotel

Ресторан «Рауту»

Kosher Restaurants

Simple interior and excellent view of Baltic pine trees from the window. The menu is varied. Lucky for you.

Мост через реку Вуоксу


The Vuoksa River. Welcome kayakers, boil the classic Ulun. The tranquility of Da Hong Pao tea combined with the bubbling Losevsky rapids makes a strong impression.

Родник в Ларионово

Hot Springs

The spring is very close to the track. Since we have a few more teas that we haven't had time to try, we take water with us.

Лютеранская кирха

Monuments / Landmarks

We came to see Finnish architecture, which is over a hundred years old. The Kirch was built in the form of a cross and could accommodate up to 3 thousand parishioners. We were left with only walls, but it still looks impressive.

За Спичками


You can only pay the bill in cash. Relaxing lighting for the place. We recommend pumpkin soup. If the name of the place seemed familiar to you, you probably read the comedy novel of the same name by Maya Lassila, or, even more likely, watched it with the inimitable Leonov.