Sanctuary of the Great Allahs . Kaslin Necropolis . Taganay . Bird of prey nursery . Bazhov Mountain Park.

Taganay and the Ural Stonehenge

Have you ever been on a falconry? On this journey you will have this opportunity! And the mysterious Ural Stonehenge, the unique Kasli necropolis and the culmination of the journey - the majestic mountain ranges of Taganay await you!

Taganay and the Ural Stonehenge

2 days itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Sanctuary Big Allaki and Falcon Hunting

A truly sacral journey awaits you: The mysterious ancient sanctuary of the Big Allaki with its rock paintings and stone tents reminiscent of sphinxes; the ruins of a once beautiful stone temple with preserved frescoes; the unique Kasli necropolis and an introduction to birds of prey.
Visiting: Karabash, Tyubuk, Kashino, Kanifol'nyy, Kyshtym, Uktusskiy, Kasli, Yekaterinburg

Day 2: The most beautiful national park "Taganay" and "Taganay Mountain Park". P.P. Bazhov Mountain Park"

Today you will visit the business card of the South Urals - Taganay National Park, meet the characters of Bazhov's tales and ring the real cast iron bell.
Visiting: Zarechenskiy, Karabash, Yekaterinburg, Novoandreyevka, Zlatoust, Sysert', Kleopino, Turgoyak, Gagarina