Try active tracking in the national pair of Ruskeala. Visit underground Ruskeala - a complex of amazing caves.. Hit the bell in an abandoned Kirch.. See the famous works by Gogolev. Follow the rope route in Norwegian Park.

Space on Earth - Ruskeala Mountain Park

In order to see another reality, it is not necessary to look for an opportunity to fly to the other side of the globe. It's enough to pack your bags and head towards, perhaps, one of the most amazing natural places of the Karelian region - Ruskeala Mountain Park. Once in these surroundings, you will surely forget about civilization and urban life. Among the many crystal waterfalls and canyons you will have a real unity with nature and you will catch your Zen. Be sure to check the official website of the park before you travel, you might be lucky to get to the festival. In winter, the Mystery of the Deep is a festival of ice sculpture in the caves. There are even occasional concerts. For example, the park hosted the Ruskeala Symphony Festival, where the Karelian Symphony Orchestra played classics, rock and the Beatles. There were even DJ sets.

Space on Earth - Ruskeala Mountain Park

3 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity, Sport and Leisure - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity, Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Ladoga beauties

The first day of the route will be full of spectacular stops in the protected areas of endless forests and lakes that wash them. In the afternoon you will arrive in Priozersk and visit the famous ancient fortress Korela, and stay overnight at the picturesque coast of the river Vuoksa.
Visiting: Priozersk, Toksovo, Losevo, Centralniy

Day 2: Wonderful land

You'll remember this day for a long time. You will finally reach Ruskeala Nature Park and you will realize how creatively nature has approached the creation of these places, as if an artist and sculptor had formed in tandem the images of these beauties. On the way you will also stop at the famous K.A. Gogolev Cultural and Exhibition Centre and admire his skilful woodcarving. Be sure to charge the phones and free your memory, you will have a huge number of new pictures.
Visiting: Sortavala, Priozersk, Ruskeala, Kumala, Ryuttyu

Day 3: From Korela region to Leningrad region

Today you will be moving in the direction from Korela region to Leningrad region. On the way you will meet many no less interesting places. Spend this day in a great mood, there are many adventures ahead!
Visiting: Sortavala, Centralniy, Priozersk, Orekhovo, Pargolovo, Kurkiyoki