Space on Earth - Ruskeala Mountain Park – Day 1: Ladoga beauties

The first day of the route will be full of spectacular stops in the protected areas of endless forests and lakes that wash them. In the afternoon you will arrive in Priozersk and visit the famous ancient fortress Korela, and stay overnight at the picturesque coast of the river Vuoksa.
Space on Earth - Ruskeala Mountain Park

Trip duration: 3 days

Darina Frantz

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The first stop is the legendary Zubrovnik. You can feed the bison with carrots, ride horses, go to a mini-zoo and walk along forest paths. There is also a rope park for children and play areas. Entrance is free.

Лосевские пороги


The Losevsky rapids are bubbling streams that form the confluence of the Vuoksa River and Lake Sudokholsky. Make a stop and be surprised at this miracle of nature. Here you can also see desperate extremists trying to curb the mighty waters on kayaks, kayaks, rafts.

Загородный клуб «Жемчужина»

Recreation Centers

The first half of the day was so busy that it was time for lunch. Observe the calm of the river surface, listen to the birds singing and enjoy your lunch. Be sure to order some fish from the local catch.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

History Museums

Medieval Korela was the most northwestern city in Russia. The fortress was founded at the turn of the XIII and XIV centuries by Novgorodians to protect the north-western borders of the republic from the Swedes. Now it is a museum complex, on the territory of which you can walk a lot of interesting things about the history of that time. Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Камень основания крепости Корела

Historic Sites

This memorial stone is in honor of Rurik. Its burial place is near Korela Fortress. Be sure to make a stop and read the inscription on it.

Ресторан «Kexholm»


The restaurant is centrally located, close to the main square and other attractions, and can be reached on foot from the hotel. Visitors praise fish soup in Finnish with cream and saltwater. You will certainly be pleased.