GLK "Keys". GLK "Novosneighborhood". Yurmanka" GLK. Fir crest" GLC. Tanai GLC. GLK "Gorny". Museum of world funerary culture.

Skiing around the world in the region from Novosibirsk

A two-day trip for real fans of winter, mountain, downhill! Express tour of ski resorts in the Novosibirsk region and a little bit of Kemerovo. After this trip, you can say to yourself, "I did it! I got over it!"

Skiing around the world in the region from Novosibirsk

2 days itinerary by Pavel Ivshin - Sport and Leisure -

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: I'll do it!

Today we are going to visit three ski resorts in the region. Altitude differences, in general, amateur, but without passing these slopes you can not call yourself a gourmet and connoisseur of the local slopes.
Visiting: Mirnyy, Kamenushka, Mikhaylovskiy, Krasnoobsk, Novosibirsk

Day 2: I got over it!

So, any more strength left? No? We need to stay! There's a very cool Tanai complex waiting for us! In the morning we can take the Fir Ridge tracks. By lunchtime we will reach the last complex, and at the end visit the museum, which is ideal as the last chord of the trip.
Visiting: Novosibirsk, Mirnyy, Kostromskoy, Zhuravlevo, Toguchin