Sights of Serpukhov and something else – Day 1: Main sights of Serpukhov

In one day you can visit a lot of interesting places in Serpukhov. On the way to town we will stop in the village of Talzhe, where we will visit the spring of St. David. After the spring we will go to Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, where we will get acquainted with bison. In the same Serpukhov we will get to one of the exhibitions of the historical and art museum of the city, walk along the embankment of the river Oka, climb the National Hill, go to the church of St. Nicholas the White and learn what is depicted on the pedestal of the monument to Vladimir the Brave.
Sights of Serpukhov and something else

Trip duration: 1 day

Polina Zagoryanskaya


Источник преподобного Давида


The first stop in our journey will be the holy spring of St. David in the village of Talje. On the way to the spring you can see a stone with a quote from the Holy Scriptures, and opposite the spring itself there is a small church of St. David. There is a chapel above the spring, so you cannot miss it.

Зубровый питомник

Nature Preserves

Not far from Serpukhov there is Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, which is worth a look. This is the only reserve in the Moscow region. Its main feature is the possibility to see bison in their natural habitat. *" The cost of the tour varies depending on the trail chosen.



We will have lunch in the cafe "Ovsyanka", which is located in the city center. Here dishes of European cuisine are served at pleasant prices in a cozy interior.

Серпуховский Историко-художественный Музей

Historic Sites

In the afternoon we will stop at one of the excursions to the Serpukhov History and Art Museum. The museum has two sightseeing tours to choose from. Next to the museum there is Pokrovskaya Old Believers Church. The history of this church is very interesting and worth going to. Excursions are better to order in advance. *" The museum isn't open on Tuesdays

Берег Оки

Rest Areas, Scenic Lookouts, Beaches

There is an observation deck at the confluence of Oka and Nara. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of nature and two monasteries: Vladychny and Vysotsky. Nearby is the building of the former railway station, built in the late XIX century.

Соборная Гора


Arriving at the Sobornaya Hill, we get to the historical center of the city. The Serpukhov Kremlin used to stand here, but today only fragments of the fortress are left of it. However, it does not mean that there is nothing to see here. On this mountain still stands the first church of the city - Trinity Cathedral, which is active. Next to the temple there is a memorial to the fallen in the battle of Kulikovo field and during World War II.

Храм Николы Белого Серпухов


Descending from the Cathedral Mountain, we come to the temple of Nicholas the White. The temple is decorated with paintings that tell stories from the Bible. Inside the temple we can see the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "Help for childbirth".

Площадь Владимира Храброго


There is a monument to Vladimir Brave on Serpukhov Square. This will be our last attraction in the city. Residents of the city have a great respect for the Prince, because during his reign Serpukhov began to actively develop and build up. If you look at the granite pedestal of the monument, you can see a bas-relief telling about the events of the Battle of Kulikovo.

Трактир Яр

Eastern European Restaurants

Before you go back to Moscow, you should stop and eat. Dinner will take place at the "Tavern Yar" restaurant. In the restaurant menu you can find dishes of Russian, Caucasian, Ukrainian and European cuisine. The atmosphere of the Russian tavern of the XX century, music and variety of dishes - all this is available here.