Visit the auditory room in the Nevyansk Tower.. Climb the cast iron steps of St. Nicholas Church in Byngga.. Take a ceramics workshop with the Maslikov family..

Secrets of Nevyansk

Take a trip through ancient temples, craft workshops and museums in Nevyansk and its environs. You will visit the famous listening room of Nevyanskaya Tower and learn about its secrets, visit the church, which has not stopped working since 1797, you will sit behind a real potter's wheel and make a figure out of clay with your own hands, and finally you will visit the museum, which holds icons painted two centuries ago.

Secrets of Nevyansk

1 day itinerary by Александр Багно - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Temples and crafts of Nevyansk and its surroundings

We will visit the Nevyanskaya Tower, where we will climb the bell tower, get acquainted with the chime mechanism and visit the listening room. Then we will go to the village of Byngi, where we will enter the temple, which did not stop working during the Soviet years. Then we will go to Nizhny Tavolgi, where we will visit a pottery workshop and learn how to create simple products from clay. From here we will return to Nevyansk, where we will go to the House of Neviyansk icon to enjoy the masterpieces of iconography, which is several hundred years old. And finally we'll see the Alexander Nevsky Temple in Shural.
Visiting: Nev'yansk, Nizhniy Tagil, Nizhniye Tavolgi, Verkhniye Tavolgi, Byn'gi, Novaya Kushva, Tsementnyy