Old Artist Fortress. Wooden architecture in Mandrogi village. Kolodozero Village. White Lake. Cyril Belozero Monastery.

Russian North

With every kilometer of the way to the Russian North you feel some primordial calm and understanding that everything is in its place. The indomitable spirit of nature and man. Our journey will start with the Old Ladoga and its powerful fortress, we will see waves on the white lake, a dozen buildings of wooden architecture of different centuries. We will reach the extreme church in the east of the Karelian Diocese, where you get used to the war wolf, and then only off-road and taiga. But it's very light and integral inside.

Russian North

6 days itinerary by Ksenia Beskova - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Old Ladoga, handicrafts Sloboda, road to Kargopol

The road to the Russian North is decorated with various ancient churches, the shore of Lake Ladoga, powerful fortresses, many small lakes. Today we will visit the village of Mandrogi. In this corner of wooden architecture we will try our handicraft and art workshops.
Visiting: Vytegra, Rodionovo, Staraya Ladoga, Admiralteisky, Staraya Sloboda, Verkhniye Mandrogi, Lodeynopol'skiy Rayon

Day 2: The Village of Pogost and Kolodozero

Today we will visit the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the bank of the Kolodozero in the village of Pogost. This place is loved by artists, photographers and musicians. And most importantly, masters of wooden architecture, who with their own hands and revive the Russian North. Some years ago something changed here forever, but the doors of the old house are still open to everyone. In the evening, we'll have dinner in Kargopol.
Visiting: Kargopol', Vytegra, Shchekino, Ust'-Reka, Ust'ye, Bochkina

Day 3: Kargopol and the White Sea

It's morning in a quiet county town. Wooden houses with carved casings, mountains of wood in the yards. Complicated northern life. The sky is closer here. There's a sea here, we'll visit it in the afternoon.
Visiting: Kargopol', Kirillov, Konevo, Belozersk, Lipin Bor, Ukhta-Tobolkino

Day 4: Pre-revolutionary Russia in Kirillov

Today, our journey will begin with a stroll through the old Cyril Belozero Monastery. Kirillov has preserved its architectural integrity and historical appearance of the city. Stone buildings and wooden houses with impellers. One of them has a funny modern signboard "art-fish". After seeing the various churches during our trip, it was interesting to be in the Museum of Cherepovets, dedicated to the icon. And we will spend the night in the glorious city of Ustuzhne.
Visiting: Kirillov, Ustyuzhna, Cherepovets, Nelazskoye, Shilovka

Day 5: City of Tikhvin

Back to the Leningrad region. The provincial town of Tikhvin, where there are practically no paved roads, but several suspended bridges over the river. Here they make some amazing wooden houses for stray cats. And, of course, we will visit the house-museum of one of the best Russian composers.
Visiting: Staraya Ladoga, Ustyuzhna, Tikhvin, Somino, Chagoda, Pikalyovo

Day 6: Return to the Old Ladoga

Going back to the beginning. We will visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, once again plunging into the cityscape of Ladoga. We will have lunch in a modern and pleasant cafe in Volkhov, there we will walk in the park in search of attractions that have long been gone. But there is a thick forest in the park and a sense of peace! And, of course, we will stop by to see Lake Ladoga!
Visiting: Staraya Ladoga, Admiralteisky, Volkhov, Shlissel'burg, Gornaya Shal'dikha, Konkorevo, Novaya Ladoga