V.P. Chkalov Museum. Tea party in the village of Ponkino.. Museum "Treasury Wine Warehouse No. 3". Volgorechskoe fishery.

Russian delicacies

In this trip you will find a variety of Russian kids: Ivanovo cabbage cabbage made of green cabbage, Russian stove mattresses and pies - including hand-baked, black caviar, nalewkas, morses, and finally, real cheese, produced in Russia by classic Italian recipes.

Russian delicacies

2 days itinerary by Maria Gorobets - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Russian oven pies and green cabbage cabbage cabbage cabbage pies

A tea party at the samovar with Vasilisa Premudra, baking pies in a Russian oven and the famous Ivanovskie Shi of green cabbage awaits you. It will be delicious and very hearty!
Visiting: Shuya, Pon'kino, Chkalovsk, Knyazhikha, Yuzha, Filino, Nizhny Novgorod

Day 2: Black caviar, distillery and cheese factory

Today you will see how sturgeons are bred and try black caviar, learn more about the history of distilling in Russia, see the process of making morses from natural berries and taste the real Italian cheese produced in Russia.
Visiting: Shuya, Volgorechensk, Filino, Palekh, Zavolzh'ye, Timiryazevo, Kitovo, Nizhny Novgorod