to eat fresh cheese and lay on bee honeycomb at the eco park Yasno-Pole.. plunge into the holy spring of the 12 Keys.. to forget about everything in the world among the alien landscapes of the Romance Mountains.. try to catch a 2.5 kg pike in a quarry and roast it at the stake.. .

Romancev Mountains: amazing landscapes 250 km from Moscow

Few people know about the Romance Mountains in Tula region. Once upon a time there was an ordinary pit where brown coal was mined. The work stopped in the 90s. Since then, nature has worked tirelessly on the disturbed land. The bizarre sandstone rocks have grown into trees. Empty quarries filled rains and streams with water, and soon fish appeared in emerald blue lakes. The Romance Mountains are best visited in warm seasons and sunny weather. This is the only way you can easily get to your seat by car and enjoy the beauty of the mountains to the fullest. Part of the way you'll have to drive on a dirt road. The mountains are visible from afar, so it is impossible to get lost here.

Romancev Mountains: amazing landscapes 250 km from Moscow

2 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Uninhabited Nature - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Clear Field Ecopark and 12 Keys source.

On the way to the mountains we will visit the eco park "Clear Field" - a wonderful place for recreation and unity with nature. After that we will have a look at the spring "12 Keys" near the town of Venev to quench our thirst for fresh spring water and wander among inspiring landscapes. The bravest will reach the Romance Mountains this evening - meet the sunset there and take beautiful pictures. The rest will go to the hotel to have a good rest and gain strength before tomorrow's adventure.
Visiting: Bogoroditsk, Moscow, Velezhevo, Venev

Day 2: Romance Mountains: Place of Power in Tula Region

This day we will spend in the Romance Mountains - a place that will make you look at your native expanses in a new way. The whole day we will swim in transparent lakes, sunbathe, fish, explore breathtaking locations to test the courage and steep selfies. We'll have to get home early. I use the word "have to" because you surely don't want to leave these Martian landscapes, which with their beauty beat you to the ground.
Visiting: Konduki, Bogoroditsk, Stupino, Moscow, Rudnevo