Wolf layers. Rzhevsky cakes. Kleinya Brewery. Italian cheese factory. Marmalade Tale. Karelian wickets. . .

Pushkin delicacies

Tver Province is famous for its fresh products and dishes, which were loved by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. The writer has repeatedly stayed in Torzhok, Bernovo village, Staritsa. Pushkin wrote about Torzhok in his letters to Sobolevsky: "...At leisure, have lunch... At Pozharsky's in Torzhok. Taste the fried cutlets, And go easy..." Here you will taste the famous cutlets, walk to the places where the famous poet stepped, you will also visit Bernovo, where Alexander Sergeyevich often visited, you will try the famous puffs of Wolf. But you'll have to try not only Pushkin's dishes, you'll also stop at Seliger, where you'll taste the freshest ear and you'll be able to catch fish for it, you'll have a look at a real Italian cheese factory.

Pushkin delicacies

2 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: In the places of Pushkin.

Today's day will begin in the village of Bernovo, where Pushkin often visited, you will visit the museum of the poet, plunge into the atmosphere of the early XIX century, walk through the streets on which the poet's foot stepped. The most beautiful city in the Upper Volga region - Staritsa - awaits you further. Here you will try the Wolf puffs, which Pushkin also praised. After a hearty lunch you will find a brewery in Rzhev and go in search of a traditional Rzhev gingerbread, which was made exclusively on honey. Finish your day on the shore of Seliger with fresh ears and fish cakes.
Visiting: Ostashkov, Staritsa, Rzhev, Bernovo, Pervomayskiy, Tver'

Day 2: Cheese and chocolate fairy tale

The morning starts at Seliger, you'll glance into the beautiful Nilo-Stolbena desert and enjoy the spectacular lake views. From there you'll find your way home with many delicious stops. You'll find cutlets from Pozharsky in Torzhok, little Italy in Copper, a marmalade factory and Karelian wickets in Likhoslavl.
Visiting: Ostashkov, Likhoslavl', Tver', Torzhok, Svetlitsa, Mednoye, Dubrovka