Pskov Dale – Day 6: Road home

The last day of the trip you will start on the bank of the Luga River near the small town of Kingisepp and its important sights. This day will not pass without a nature park in the area of Duderhof Heights and the nearby Duderhof Lake, which you will visit on the second section of the route.
Pskov Dale
Travel distance by car: 178 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kingisepp, Saint Petersburg, Gorki, Centralniy, Pikkolovo

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Hyundai Solaris

Екатерининский Собор


The main orthodox temple of Kingisepp looks like a real palace of the brilliant Catherine era, with its graceful forms and emphasized exquisite details. It is a project by the talented Italian architect Antonio Rinaldi, who has put his hand to many masterpieces of St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, Lomonosov and Gatchina.



Take a leisurely stroll through the nearby park. They say that Peter the Great himself liked to spend time here.

GORKI Golf Club Restaurant


Two-story restaurant with breathtaking views of the golf club. You'll love it here and you won't want to leave here. The restaurant serves European and Scottish cuisine. Visitors recommend burgers.

Дудергофские высоты


Not far from the station "Mozhayskaya" is the highest point within St. Petersburg. Three major hills: the Raven, Nut and Kirchhof mountains form the Duderhof heights. The hills were formed during the Ice Age. Today, on the slopes of the heights there is a half-wild Nagorny Park, which offers a great view of the suburbs of St. Petersburg. In addition, there is a spring with drinking water.

Дудергофское озеро


Walk along the shores of ecologically clean Duderhof Lake. This lake is fed by melt, rain and spring water. A small river Duderhofka flows out of the lake.

Чайхана Чабрец

Caucasian Restaurants

The journey has come to an end, and it's time to remember all the highlights of the week and have a delicious dinner. This Caucasian restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and friendly service. Be sure to order dessert, they are very tasty.