Pskov Dale – Day 3: Selection

Old Izborsk is a small town, located 12 km. from Pechora. Old merchant houses, ancient buildings and fortresses have been preserved here. It is forbidden to drive in the center of the city, as it is a historical square. The main attraction of Old Izborsk is the fortress, from which your acquaintance with the city will begin. On the territory of the fortress there is St. Nicholas church, which has a wonderful shrine - an icon of St. Spiridon of Trimiphunsky with a part of his relics.
Pskov Dale
Travel distance by car: 94 km.Travel distance on foot: 1 km.Visiting: Ostrov, Izborsk, Pskov

Trip duration: 6 days

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Крепость Изборск / Izborsk Fortress


Izborsk fortress is unique because its walls have been preserved since 1330s, their length is about 850 meters, and the height of towers reaches 10 meters. The fortress stands on an elevation called the Hill of Heart. Its shape is a wrong "rounded" triangle, repeating the shape of the elevation. The western part is fortified by 3 most powerful towers: Dark, Ryabinovka and Vyshka. Museum-Reserve Izborsk receives visitors daily. Summer time (1 May-30 September) is from 9:00 to 18:00, Winter time (1 October-30 April) is from 10:00 to 17:00.

Башня Луковка

Historic Sites

Make sure you find this tower in the fortress. This is the first stone building of the defensive fortifications. Immediately after its construction, the construction of a stone fortress wall on the eastern side began. The modern height of the tower is about 13 meters. The location of the tower inside the fortress is still a unique phenomenon in the history of defense architecture, as all famous Russian fortresses had the first towers on the protruding sections of the fortress walls.

Государственный музей-заповедник «Изборск» / Izborsk State Museum Preserve

History Museums

The museum's work is continuously connected with economic activities, care of the protected area, collection and collection of archaeological objects found at various times in the Izborsk-Mala Valley. The history of the museum began in the 60s of XX century on the initiative of S.A.Shcherbakov.

Изборская Блинная

Breakfast Spots

What do you think about homemade pancakes for lunch? Here you can choose any one you like. A cozy pancake room in Russian style will take you back several centuries and you will feel like a real hut.

Ostrov Park Hotel

Словенские Ключи

Nature Preserves

The Slovenian Keys are twelve springs that merge into a single river and the same one flows into the picturesque Lake Gorodishchenskoye. They are named after Slovenia, who according to legends founded this city. Places in the area are very picturesque and many artists have transferred all this beauty to canvas. For example, Nikolai Roerich, whose name for many people is associated with Shambhala and landscapes of the Himalayas, dedicated a whole series of paintings to these places.

Крест Трувора (Труворово городище)

History Museums

The history of the city begins with the Truvor fortress. This place amazes with its extraordinary inner power. According to the "Tale of Bygone Years", in 862 Rurik was invited to reign and donated in Ladoga. He came with his brothers, Trouvor and Sineus. Truvor sat down to reign in Izborsk and Sineus in Belozero. Izborsk was already a powerful fortress by that time, but his prince was not here. And so the voters gladly accepted the new ruler.

Кафе- ресторан "Хмель"

Restaurants, Bars

It's a great place for dinner tonight. If you come here in the warm season, you can sit on the terrace with a wonderful view of the river. Make sure you order a kebab, it's very tasty.

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At last you can relax and remember the brightest moments of this day. Gain strength before tomorrow's no less interesting route. A lot of new and exciting things await you!