Pskov Dale – Day 1: "Little Prussia."

Our journey will begin in the marvelous city of Gatchina. It is one of the few St. Petersburg suburbs that are not officially part of the administrative boundaries of the Northern Capital. The city is an industrial, scientific, cultural and educational centre. The main attraction is the state museum-reserve of the same name, which includes the palace and park ensemble and the Gatchina Palace.
Pskov Dale
Travel distance by car: 162 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Luga, Gatchina, Rozhdestveno, Centralniy, Tolmachevo

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)


The Grand Gatchina Palace, erected near St. Petersburg in 1766-1781, combines the style of Russian Classicism with elements of medieval castles. The first owner of the palace was Peter I. Later he presented it to his sister, Princess Natalia Alexeevna. Over the years, the right of ownership passed from hand to hand between members of the imperial family. Mode of operation: From 10:00 to 18:00 (cash desk until 17:00). Weekend - Monday. Sanitary days - the first Tuesday of each month.

Соборная Площадь


The main Orthodox church in Gatchina, the Cathedral of St. Paul the Apostle, was built by order of Emperor Nicholas I. The cathedral became the compositional center of the city, the street leading to it became known as the Cathedral. The building of the cathedral is massive. It is a synthesis of classical elements and techniques of Old Russian architecture.

The Scotch Bar


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Guest House Sakhalin

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

History Museums

The estate is located in the center of the village of Christmas. It is connected with the name of V.V. Nabokova - his mother, born Rukavishnikova, grew up here. Since there are only two houses in Russia that are directly connected with the great writer, this estate is especially significant. The estate park occupies about 16 hectares, with a long central alley, where grow more than 150-year-old linden and oak trees. It ends with a canyon of the river Gresna with cliffs of red sandstone, springs and a complex of caves. Hours of work: Wednesday-Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. Weekends: Monday and Tuesday.

Стела "Луга — город воинской славы"

Historic Sites

The stele is a column topped with the State Emblem. Sculptural bas-reliefs depicting the events in connection with which the city was awarded the honorary title "City of Military Glory" are placed at the corners of the square. During the Great Patriotic War soldiers, militia, civilians of the city in a short time erected an impregnable border on the way of fascist troops. Defending the approaches to Leningrad, thousands of soldiers were killed. The names of many are still unknown.


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Guest House Sakhalin

The day was not only unforgettable and interesting, but also tiring enough, so now you have time to relax and have a good rest.