Pre-revolutionary Gorokhovets and art space of Nizhny Novgorod – Day 1: Museum of Venechka Erofeev and the Evening Gorokhovets.

Today we will stop at the Venedict Erofeev Museum, which is not far from Petushki station. We will visit nice and neat Suzdal, look at ancient wooden buildings, numerous churches and, of course, the Kremlin. And in the evening we will walk along the streets of Gorokhovts, looking at its pre-revolutionary architecture.
Pre-revolutionary Gorokhovets and art space of Nizhny Novgorod
Travel distance by car: 418 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Gorokhovets, Kovrov, Noginsk, Suzdal, Lakinsk, Moscow, Monino, Petushki

Trip duration: 3 days

Ksenia Beskova

Озеро Аборино


We'll start our journey by walking along the lake. The fresh air is only 50 km from the capital. Sandy bottom and warm wind. There are convenient entrances by car.



We have breakfast in a restaurant on the bank of Chernogolovka river. The unobtrusive sounds of the piano are delivered. Fans of seafood will experience pleasure in this institution. Interesting serving of dishes and light atmosphere.

Музей Венедикта Ерофеева

Art Museums

A modest, empty museum: the writer's work book, a collection of vinyl records, several stands with photos of different years. A suitcase with oranges and port "777", as if asking: how else could one write "Moscow-Chettoes"?

Дом Ершова



Café on the way. Serves fast, large portions. Homely atmosphere.

Суздальский кремль

Historic Sites

It is very interesting to come to Suzdal in March, when a week-long festival of Russian animation is held in the local house of culture. But even at any other time of year it is not empty! To climb the Kremlin ramparts, to see the endless expanses around the host, tiny city. The oldest Christmas Cathedral, built by Byzantine craftsmen. Maximum concentration of monasteries and churches. Suzdal is hospitable!

Правильный бутерброд

New American Restaurants

Laconic interior, simple menu. Burgers, salads and coffee. Service is quick and polite.

Палаты Гороха

Historic Sites

Gorokhovets has not lost its original atmosphere. Shorin's house with fanciful glazing, smooth window lines and, of course, high towers at the ends. Walk along the evening Lenin Street, looking at the wooden Art Nouveau in the dim light of the lanterns.

Дом Ершова

In the morning we will deepen into the architecture of Gorokhovts, and in the afternoon we will explore the contemporary art of Nizhny Novgorod.