Castle Lookout Place. Holy Spring. Plancheskye Rocks. Aphypsus River.

Plancheskye rocks

One of the most interesting and beautiful rock formations that the south of Russia has to offer is Planckie Rocks, also known as Golden Rocks, which got its name because of the unusual color of the rock. The views opening up from the tops of the rocks evoke admiration for the beauty of the area with rivers, picturesque shores covered with dense forests coming up to the water. Planck cliffs are universally recognized as the object of training of international mountaineers, holding all kinds of competitions.

Plancheskye rocks

1 day itinerary by Матвей Тимофеев - Uninhabited Nature -

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Day 1

The plank rocks are 60 kilometers from Krasnodar. It is a great option for an easy hike, climbing the rocks on the trail is not difficult in warm, dry weather. During rainfall or even in autumn, when the trail is covered with leaves - you need to be more careful, as the legs start to slide. Therefore, I recommend taking special sports shoes, and preferably a spare one. Planck rocks have always attracted budget tourists with their beauty and accessibility.
Visiting: Plancheskaya Shchel', Krasnodar, Afipskiy, Popandopullo