Visit the Yuriev Cave and the Gypsum adits . Enjoy the picturesque views from Mount Lobach. . Live see cheese cooking technology . Get acquainted with the history of Kamsko-Ustiinsky district . Hit the bull's-eye in the stand shooting complex. . Visit a unique museum of archeological wood . Get unforgettable emotions in the ski resort.

Picturesque views and active adventures in Tatarstan

Breathtaking weekends await you at Tatarstan's most bewitching natural monuments, historical sites and places of active recreation. You will visit one of the most beautiful places in Tatarstan - the area with picturesque rocks, where the Volga and Kama rivers merge, forming a large bay resembling the sea. Here you will visit a cave and a large deposit of gypsum, climb Mount Lobach, and you will see stunning landscapes! Visit the cheese dairy, where cheeses are prepared according to original French recipes and take part in tastings, as well as visit the local local history museum, learn the history of the area, its flora and fauna and much more! In Sviyazhsk you'll visit the Museum of Archaeological Tree and see the urban development of XVI-XVIII centuries and many archaeological finds. And that's not all! You will have the opportunity to check your accuracy in the stand shooting complex, as well as ride with the breeze in the ski resort!

Picturesque views and active adventures in Tatarstan

2 days itinerary by Eugenia Laputina - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Day in Kamsko-Ustinsky district

The day will begin with a visit to the Yurievskaya cave, then we will go to the gypsum adits - one of the largest deposits of gypsum, visit the local cheese dairy and take part in tasting, learn all about the area in the local history museum, and in the evening we will walk in the Victory Park.
Visiting: Kamskoye Ust'ye, Kamskoye Ust'ye, Bol'shaya Krylovka, Kazan’

Day 2: A day of fascinating species and activities

The second day will start with unforgettable views from Mount Lobach, then we will go to the shooting range, after that we will visit the island of Sviyazhsk and the museum with a lot of archaeological finds, and at the end of the trip we will go to get an adrenaline dose at the ski resort.
Visiting: Kamskoye Ust'ye, Innopolis, Sviyazhsk, Kazan’